Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer any warranties?

LoneStar Diesel, LLC, does NOT offer warranties.  Every vehicle is sold AS IS with no warranty expressed or implied.

Can we have it inspected before buying?

To provide superior customer service, we send our vehicles through a rigorous inspection designed specifically for heavy duty diesel trucks.  Our inspection process easily surpasses your standard vehicle inspection.

What are your payment terms?

Full payment is due before the vehicle is released to the buyer.  We accept cashier’s checks, wire transfers, and cash.

If I decide I don’t like it, can I return it?

All sales are final.  We do not accept any returns.

When do I receive my title?

You will receive your title within 21 days of your purchase.

Do you take trade-ins?

Yes, we are open to trade-ins.   All trade-ins must have a clean and clear title signed over to Lone Star Diesel, LLC. within 21 days of trade-in.

Do I have to pay a sales tax?

All purchases are charged a sales tax rate of 7.00% which is the Indiana sales tax rate.  Residents of other states pay the 7% Indiana sales tax and then settle the tax amount if lower with their own state after purchase.

Do you do any repairs to the vehicles you sell?

Lone Star Diesel ensures the vehicles we sell are in good running order at the time of purchase.  The inspection our trucks are put through is extremely thorough.  The inspection is designed to notify the consumer if there was an issue with the vehicle and explains what we have done to fix the issue so that our customers are purchasing the best vehicle we can possibly provide them.